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2020 Network of Churches Meetings

For many years, Redeemer has been moving from being one large church in several locations to becoming a family of networked independent churches. Two important online gatherings this Fall completed a process that began in 2017 and has set up our churches for a future of being a network of churches with a shared desire to continue to fuel a generative movement of churches in the city.

Sunday evening, October 18 was the Redeemer Network of Churches Presentation with Q&A about the various items that church members voted on at the official online Redeemer Network and Congregational meetings on Sunday, November 1. All of the items were overwhelmingly approved, and we will be able to complete the process of transferring all our assets and operations to the new independent churches by year-end.

In addition to the incorporation of Redeemer East Side and the election of new Trustee members, we also elected four new elders, three of whom will lead the East Harlem congregation. To our members, we are particularly grateful for their participation to help us meet the high quorum requirement, and during a pandemic, no less. At the same time, we know that none of this would have been possible without the faithful prayers and support of many who went before us, as well as the ongoing partnership and commitment to the gospel movement from everyone at Redeemer East Side and those beyond our church community. We're truly excited about this next chapter of Redeemer East Side as we continue to seek gospel renewal on the Upper East Side and the entire city.