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Vision and Values

Welcome to Redeemer East Side!

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Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in Redeemer East Side. We hope that our website gives you a glimpse into the life of our community and a sense for our mission to be a church that exists not for ourselves, but for others. Here are a few things that we hope stand out to you.

First, we hope you sense our joyful belief that the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for every person in the world and that this belief singularly shapes everything we do.

Second, we hope you see here a church that works toward the good of our neighbors and the flourishing of the entire city—from our worship to our Community Groups to our Neighborhood Gatherings and social justice ministries and even in our emphasis on integrating our faith into our daily work.

But mostly, we hope you see a rich, even if imperfect, community of ordinary New Yorkers whose lives have been radically changed by a love that is far greater than we thought was possible—the love of God in Jesus Christ. Welcome!

Our Vision: Why do we exist?

Redeemer East Side exists to see Manhattan's East Side—and the entire city—renewed spiritually, socially, and culturally through a movement of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God.

Our Mission: What do we do?

We are building a movement of everyday New Yorkers who are transformed by the gospel, rooted in cross-cultural gospel community, and mobilized for Christ’s mission where they live, work, and love.

Our Core Values

  1. The Gospel: The Good News of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16)
    1. The gospel is the unmerited gift of God in Jesus that brings both peace with God and one another across human divisions.
    2. The gospel changes lives through personal conversion and brings renewal through formative spiritual practices.
  2. Cross-Cultural Gospel Community: The Reconciling Family of the Father (Ephesians 2:11-22) We strive to be:
    1. A counter-culture marked by the distinct holiness of those reconciled to God
    2. A community of cross-cultural love: solidarity, justice, and forgiveness
    3. A community on mission with Jesus everywhere he sends us
  3. Missional Callings: The Renewing Mission of the Spirit (Jeremiah 29:4-7)
    1. We form disciples of Jesus who bear witness to the gospel and seek:
    2. Cultural renewal through our work
    3. Flourishing in our relationships
    4. Mercy and justice in our neighborhoods
  4. Gospel Movement: The Dynamics of the Kingdom (Matthew 28:18-20)
    1. We mobilize disciples who can cross cultures and make more disciples.
    2. We plant churches that can cross cultures and plant more churches.


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