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The most important way to get plugged into the life of our church is to become involved in a Beta or Community Group. These are places to cultivate a relationship with God and friendships with others.

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Beta Groups

Find a group near you near you or email for assistance.

Beta Groups are seven-week Community Groups that begin the week of September 29 and are designed especially for those who are new to our church, new to Community Groups, or interested in exploring Christianity. Beta Groups feature the following:

  • New members: There is no need to be nervous about your first meeting! Everyone will be new to the group.
  • Community life: It is easy to feel lost in a bustling city and disconnected in a large church. As a member of a Beta Group, you will be part of a smaller community, allowing you to build friendships with a group of people who grow to know God together and care for each other.

Questioning Christianity Groups

Find a group near you or email for assistance.

Have you ever had questions about the Christian faith, wondered about its relevance or not sure how you relate to the church?

Questioning Christianity Groups are informal discussion groups specifically for people who are curious about Christianity. They provide a forum for people to openly and respectfully discuss foundational topics about Christianity and explore deep questions. Here you can process your questions with like-minded people and learn how the claims of Christianity relate to everyday living. Questioning Christianity Groups are geared toward people who are in process with the Christian faith. They are designed to be a respectful, moderated dialogue as they meet over the course of seven weeks and discuss the following topics:

  • Isn’t the Bible a myth? Hasn’t science disproved Christianity?
  • How can you say that there is only one way to God? What about other religions?
  • What gives you the right to tell me how to live my life? Why are there so many rules?
  • Why does God allow suffering? Why is there so much evil in the world?
  • Why is the church responsible for so much injustice? Why are Christians such hypocrites?
  • How can God be full of love and wrath at the same time? How can God send good people to hell?

Community Groups

Find a group near you near you or email for assistance.

Community Groups are a place to cultivate a relationship with God and friendships with others. It is within these small communities that men and women can build personal relationships and practice applying the gospel to their lives. Each group expects to experience Jesus Christ in its midst, enabling participants to be transformed through mutual ministry and to experience life in the family of God.

Composed of 6 to 12 people, groups meet in homes and offices throughout the city. All groups are led by trained lay leaders from our congregation who receive continued oversight and support from our pastoral staff. Groups generally meet two to four times a month for worship, Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. Many groups also participate in monthly service projects or social events in place of one regular meeting.

Lead a group

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