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Stories of God's Grace

Sharing and telling stories is one way we learn how God is working in our community. We’d love to hear, and possibly share your stories. We’re not looking for polished or produced, just genuine expressions of God’s grace to encourage the body of Christ. Fill out the form below, and someone from our team will reach out to you and help you decide the best medium to share.

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"From the last week of February 2020, I have been involved with NYC's response to Covid-19. For most of the Spring, the work hours were long and exhausting and the dark days seemed endless. Through this difficult period of time, I was sustained by the support and prayers of brothers and sisters in Christ from my Community Groups and the church." — Manny

"I began volunteering with The Open Door ministry starting in May and got to know two female clients especially well through weekly Zoom meetings. One of them was an immigrant from Mexico and another from Dominican Republic. God used this ministry to open up my world as I learned about their culture and life struggles." — Paulina

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A small question that led to an unlikely friendship: What's your name?


Experiencing the gospel, God's liberating power, that frees us from frantic striving.

Rozz and Vince

Embodying God's love that reconciled us to him by loving one another even across deep differences.

Mary B, Liz, Dan, Natalie, Beulah, Kelly and Caleb

In a city with inexhaustible options, what happened when a group of friends decided to hang out at the same spot every week.


30 years of friendship, prayers that seemingly went unanswered, and God's perfect timing.


"You are not alone" with Ian Quinlan

Covid-19 has forced us to be physically apart from each other, and it's shown us how important it is for us to know one another and be known. One of East Side's 5 p.m. congregant, Ian Quinlan, has worked on this podcast so that we can continue to connect, share stories, and grow in solidarity with one other. You can find all episodes of season 1 in the player below. As you listen, we hope you remember that even though we are not together right now, you are not alone.