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Because Community Groups are where our congregants are most known and cared for in community, we are always seeking new leaders and hosts. While you can sign up to lead at any time, Beta Groups are a nice way to start with only a seven-week commitment. If you are interested in leading but are not sure what to expect please see below for more information.

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Become a leader

Requirements to lead

Community Group and Beta Group leaders should be regular Redeemer attenders who exhibit a passion for God, a compassion for people and a teachable spirit. While prior experience in leading a small group is helpful, it is not a prerequisite.

All leaders will need to attend New Leader Basics Training, a vision and skills training program. If you have taken the course in the past, you will not need to take it again.

To lead a Beta Group, you need to be a regular Redeemer attender but do not have to be a Redeemer member. All leaders who would like to continue leading beyond the seven-week commitment as a regular Community Group leaders will need to pursue church membership.

Co-leaders and hosts

We don’t require you to have a co-leader, but it can be helpful to have one to share leadership responsibilities with. We’ve found that co-leaders generally work best together when there is already an existing relationship between them, so we ask that leaders find their own co-leaders. Some people you might want to consider co-leading with are significant others, friends or members of your current Community Group.

We ask that leaders find their own hosts or that they host at their own locations. Some groups have been able to meet regularly at work offices and quiet public atriums.

Curricula, members, and affiliation

Regular Beta Groups and Community Groups will use weekly study guides corresponding with the Sunday Scripture passages. These guides will be available for download prior to the Sunday that the sermon will be preached. Seeker Groups will be using The Reason for God curriculum.

The average Beta Group has 8 to 10 members, but this will vary widely depending on space and location. If your location is small, that’s okay! This could potentially help your cozy group to know each other more deeply.

Your group will be affiliated with the congregation that you are affiliated with. A Community Group director and an intern from the congregation will be assigned to you as your support staff to provide pastoral care, pray for you and your group, and serve as a resource as you lead your group.

Beyond seven weeks

Beta Groups will be given the option to transition into regular Community Groups at the end of their seven weeks together. If you have a group that has enjoyed meeting together and would like to continue doing so, you can choose to stay with the group or help identify a new leader from within the group to take over.

Leading both a Community Group and a Beta Group

If you currently lead a Community Group but would also like to lead a new Beta Group, we recommend identifying someone else in your current group to lead your Community Group for the seven weeks while you lead a new Beta Group. This could be a great opportunity to develop new leaders to rotate facilitating meetings. Feel free to continue to participate in your Community Group as a member if your schedule allows it.

Sign up to lead

Beta group registration will begin each summer. Keep checking back, or contact [email protected].

New Leader Basics Training

New Leader Basics Training is offered several times a year and is required of all new leaders of Community Groups and Beta Groups. This class is also open to regular members of Community Groups with interest in leading in the future.

The five-hour class begins with an orientation to the Redeemer Community Group ministry, structure, administrative skills, and expectations of a group leader. Training then continues with an introduction to the five elements of a group meeting and practical techniques for leading the meeting time.

Everyone will have a chance to lead one mock group meeting and receive constructive feedback from his or her peers. Afterwards, we will gather to examine community-building practices and apply them to a case study. The class will conclude with Q&A.

This training is designed for members of Redeemer Community Groups with an interest in becoming Community Group leaders. 
Register for the next New Leader Basics Training. Questions about this training can be directed to [email protected].

Upcoming Dates

  • Sunday, Sept. 13, 12:30-2:30 p.m.