East Side Classes

You can be together and grow together through East Side Classes. Class offerings are designed to equip you with practices to grow as a follower of Jesus where you live, work, and love. Check out the schedule and register to join us.

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Intro to Spiritual Formation Sun, Oct 2, Dec 4, Feb 5, Apr 2, Jun 4, Aug 6
Intro to Redeemer East Side Sun, Sept 18, Nov 6, Jan 8, Mar 19, May 7, Jul 9
Sunday Bible StudyWeekly Sun
20s & 30s Bible StudyWeekly Sun
Neighborhood Advocate CohortSun Sep 25-Dec 11 and one full Saturday
Premarital SeminarSat Oct 15, Feb 11, May 13
Faith & Work 101Mon Oct 17-Nov 28
The Dating Panel Designed to Be Your LastSun Oct 30
Everyday Faith MomentsSat Jan 21

Class Descriptions

Ongoing Classes

We're offering these classes 11:15-12:45 p.m. (during the second service). Childcare is available for nursery and elementary ages.

Intro to Spiritual Formation
| Select Sundays: Oct 2, Dec 4, Feb 5, Apr 2, Jun 4, Aug 6 at 11:15 am at Temple Israel Room 65
At Redeemer East Side, we believe that the gospel makes its way deeper into our hearts and transforms our lives through the ordinary practices we engage in, the community we embrace, and by living out the callings God has given us. This core seminar will be offered periodically during the year to deepen your understanding of spiritual formation.

Intro to Redeemer East Side
| Select Sundays: Nov 6, Jan 8, Mar 19, May 7, Jul 9 at 11:15 am at Temple Israel Room 65
Learn how you can get plugged into the Redeemer East Side community. In this seminar, learn about the mission and vision of Redeemer East Side, and how you, with your unique gifting and experience, can join in the vision of our church and the mission of God wherever you live, work and love. This core seminar will be offered periodically during the year.

2022-23 Classes

Sunday Bible Study: Making Sense of the Christian Scriptures
| Sundays at 11:15 am at Temple Israel Room 64
The Bible can be overwhelming whether you've been a Christian for a while or you're just curious about God's word. In this Sunday Bible study, bring your pen, paper and your questions. We'll come together to walk through God's word, and gain tools to see what God is revealing in his Scriptures. Together, we'll better understand how it all fits together and points to Jesus.

20s & 30s Bible Study
| Sundays at 9:30 am at Temple Israel Room 65
What does the Bible have to say to us in this particular season? Join us to read and discuss the Bible and how it applies to our everyday lives. We meet at 9:30 am on Sundays at Temple Israel. Bring a Bible and something to take notes on.

From Sept. 18-Nov. 20 (breaking Oct. 2 and 30), we will focus on Relationships: A Mess Worth Making with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Lois Kehlenbrink.

Neighborhood Advocate Cohort
Contact Lyn Cook to register
| Sundays Sep 25-Dec 11 and one full Saturday
Put what you know about loving your neighbor into action through this 12-week cohort that promotes change through worship, discussion and action. Participants will work together to build mutual relationships, serve justly, and bring the hope of Christ with neighbors nearby and in need.

Premarital Seminar
| Saturday, Oct 15, Feb 11, or May 13 at W83 Ministry Center
Getting married? Just considering it? Plan on attending Redeemer’s Premarital Seminar. You don’t have to be engaged to participate in the seminar. Even if you’ve just begun considering the possibility of marriage, this is a powerful way to discover whether you should continue in your relationship. This seminar is a lively day of biblical teaching on marriage, exercises that help a couple learn more about each other, and ending with a time of Q&A. This seminar is required if you wish to have a Redeemer pastor officiate at your wedding.

Faith & Work 101
| Mondays Oct 17-Nov 28 at 7 pm at W83 Ministry Center
This introductory seven-week cross-vocational course is designed to challenge you to take an in-depth look at your particular field through the lens of the gospel. We will focus on seven different Bible passages to gain insight concerning God’s intention for our work, weaving weekly teachings, spiritual practices, daily devotionals, and group discussion together in community.

The Dating Panel Designed to Be Your Last
| Sunday, Oct 30 at 6:30 pm
Are you tired of dating, or talking about dating? Join us for what we hope will be the last dating panel you ever attend. We will openly address and discuss challenging questions about dating in our city: Should I date? If so, where can I find someone to date? What if I’m interested in dating, but nobody seems interested in me? Should I try meeting someone through Hinge? We will hear teaching from staff, and then we will hear from congregants about their stories of dating and the wisdom they’ve gained along the way. After the panel, we invite you to connect with other participants over games and drinks at Hex and Co. UES.

Everyday Faith Moments
Register | Saturday, Jan 21 at 10:30 am on Zoom
How do you bring faith into everyday life rather than just reserving God for Sundays? Come learn from others and find simple, sustainable ways to experience grace as a parent and to express grace with your family. This seminar is open to all parents and we will have opportunities for parents with similar age children to discuss together and learn from mentor parents who are a step ahead.

Redeemer Counseling Services Groups

Renewal Groups
Enroll | At Redeemer Counseling Services (RCS), Renewal Groups combine gospel-centered, biblical truth with some of the best tools from counseling psychology. Each Renewal Group is made up of six to eight people and a professional counselor focusing on a particular area of healing and growth. The counselor guides the group through regular times of sharing, interaction and learning.