Caitlin Brock

Community Group Coordinator

Originally from the great state of Delaware, Caitlin's love affair with serving people and building community began while volunteering with Young Life and studying human development at the University of Delaware. Upon completing her undergraduate degree Caitlin worked for various ministries and began dreaming of facilitating collaborations across multiple ministries, nonprofits, and businesses within an urban setting further growing her heart for cities, specifically the city of New York. Starting Fall 2016, Caitlin will begin her MA in Biblical Studies with Reformed Theological Seminary. She loves resale bookstores, meandering through museums and gathering people together to explore. Caitlin will be serving part-time as the East Side Community Group Coordinator. Her role is to support the Community Group team in accomplishing the vision of community on the East Side by streamlining support to leaders and Community Group members. “I love making a (friendly) competition out of just about anything.”