Serve the Church

We need many volunteers to serve as welcomers to over 2,000 that walk through our doors each week, to teach our children, to lead and host community groups and to pray for all that God is doing on the East Side.

Sunday Service Team | Children’s Ministry | Community Groups | Prayer Team

Sunday Service Team

The Sunday Service Team seeks to create a gospel-centered, welcoming environment by equipping volunteers to serve Redeemer with Christ-like character, and to use their gifts to foster community within the congregation. Watch the video below to learn more.

Opportunities to serve

It takes more than 30 people to run a Sunday service and because we have 3 Sunday services, we are in need of help from more than 60 volunteers each Sunday! We hope you will consider joining us on one of our five Sunday teams:

  1. Welcome Center: Our goal is to greet each and every person who joins us for worship. We want everyone to feel welcomed and cared for. If you enjoy meeting people and love helping them get connected, sign up

  2. Ushers: Ushers distribute bulletins, guide people to available seating and collect and count offering. People who enjoy bringing order out of chaos (and can do it warmly and graciously) should definitely sign up 

  3. Communion Team: The communion team helps to prepare and serve the elements of the Lord’s Supper. If you are a member of Redeemer, sign up to be a part of this ministry.
  4. Information Table: Are you knowledgeable about Redeemer? Share information about Redeemer and its ministries! Brochures, booklets and other materials are available for attendees seeking to get more acquainted with Redeemer. Sign up to join this team.
  5. Book Table: Are you a bookworm? If you enjoy reading and recommending books, then the Book Table is the team for you! Sign up to serve with us!

Your commitment

  • Each volunteer is assigned a team, each team works together, one Sunday a month for a year (12 times).
  • Attend a Training Event during your first year of service.

The perks

  • Events and Activities - As a member of the Sunday Service Team you will be invited to fun events and activities with other volunteers throughout the year. We hope that through these events you will get to know your team members, build new friendships with other volunteers and hopefully feel our big church become a little bit smaller.

  • Mp3 Subscription - Volunteers have access to a free MP3 sermon which includes the 12 most recent sermons preached on the East Side. 

Children’s Ministry

Thank you for your interest in helping serve the families of Redeemer! We seek to provide the best care for our children through a solid team of volunteers.

The Children’s Ministry has been a great way to serve the Redeemer community. Whatever your commitment level, it’s a fun and extremely valuable way of building into the lives of the children at Redeemer. And it’s also a great way to get more involved in the Redeemer body as a whole. I highly recommend it! —John Kim, East Side volunteer

Why volunteer with the Children’s Ministry?

  • Invested: Children are the next generation of influencers for Christ in New York and around the world.
  • Called: God has given each of us talents to share with others. This is a great place to share your gifts.
  • Equipped: Whether you come with training or receive training as you serve with us, your skills and experience will affect families of Redeemer each week.
  • Needed: The number of children who attend Redeemer has doubled in the last few years. We need you!
  • Community: Your investment in the lives of families and fellow volunteers at Redeemer allows for deeper community. One parent expressed how the community of Children’s Ministry volunteers helps their family stay in the city.

Apply to serve our Children’s Ministry

In order to best equip our volunteers and ensure the safety of all, we have the following application process

  • Please click here to sign up if you are interested in volunteering: CM Volunteer Sign-Up
  • Please fill out the application and it will be submitted online. Be sure to fill out your references and send to We will contact you so that a visit to a class of your choice can be arranged.
  • You are required to complete an application and provide three references before joining a volunteer team.
  • Once we receive your application, we will arrange an interview, contact your references and complete your background check.
  • Once approved, you will be placed on a volunteer team.
  • You will need to attend one of our Volunteer Orientations and the annual training in September.

Expectations we have for our volunteers

  • Completion of the application process as explained above.
  • Teams: Once you join the Children’s Ministry, you are placed on a team. You serve with your team every other week in the same classroom. This is to build deeper community with your teammates and with the children.
  • All regularly attending parents are asked to volunteer a minimum of three times a year throughout our ministry. We count on you. Promptness and appropriate preparation are required.
  • Adherence to Children’s Ministry policies.

What you can expect from us

  • Free annual MP3 subscription on the Sunday you serve.
  • Fellowship and community with other volunteers and Redeemer families.
  • Service and training opportunities.
  • Prayer from Redeemer’s Prayer Team for your volunteer team.
  • Most importantly: Joy in knowing you are impacting the lives of children for all eternity!

Community Groups

The most important way to help others get plugged into the life of our congregation is to lead or host a Community Group.

Requirements to lead

  • Community Group and Beta Group leaders should be regular Redeemer attenders who exhibit a passion for God, a compassion for people and a teachable spirit. While prior experience in leading a small group is helpful, it is not a prerequisite.
  • All leaders will need to attend New Leader Basics Training, a vision and skills training program. If you have taken the course in the past, you will not need to take it again.
  • To lead a Beta Group, you need to be a regular Redeemer attender but do not have to be a Redeemer member. All leaders who would like to continue leading beyond the seven-week commitment as a regular Community Group leaders will need to pursue church membership.

Co-leaders and hosts

  • We don’t require you to have a co-leader, but it can be helpful to have one to share leadership responsibilities with. We’ve found that co-leaders generally work best together when there is already an existing relationship between them, so we ask that leaders find their own co-leaders. Some people you might want to consider co-leading with are significant others, friends or members of your current Community Group.
  • We ask that leaders find their own hosts or that they host at their own locations. Some groups have been able to meet regularly at work offices and quiet public atriums.

Curricula, members, and affiliation

  • Regular Beta Groups and Community Groups will use weekly study guides corresponding with the Sunday Scripture passages. These guides will be available for download prior to the Sunday that the sermon will be preached. Seeker Groups will be using The Reason for God curriculum. 
  • The average Beta Group has 8 to 10 members, but this will vary widely depending on space and location. If your location is small, that’s okay! This could potentially help your cozy group to know each other more deeply.
  • Your group will be affiliated with the congregation that you are affiliated with. A Community Group director and an intern from the congregation will be assigned to you as your support staff to provide pastoral care, pray for you and your group, and serve as a resource as you lead your group.

Beyond seven weeks

Beta Groups will be given the option to transition into regular Community Groups at the end of their seven weeks together. If you have a group that has enjoyed meeting together and would like to continue doing so, you can choose to stay with the group or help identify a new leader from within the group to take over.

Leading both a Community Group and a Beta Group

If you currently lead a Community Group but would also like to lead a new Beta Group, we recommend identifying someone else in your current group to lead your Community Group for the seven weeks while you lead a new Beta Group. This could be a great opportunity to develop new leaders to rotate facilitating meetings. Feel free to continue to participate in your Community Group as a member if your schedule allows it.

Sign up to lead or host

Contact to let us know your interest in leading or hosting.

Prayer Team

We know that God listens to the prayers of his people. Whether you would like to learn more about prayer or love prayer, we need you! There are multiple ways to be involved so please come and join us asking, seeking, and enjoying God's presence together. Email [email protected] if you have any questions about the ways to be involved in the prayer ministry detailed below.

Pre-Service Prayer
Every Sunday, at 9:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m.
The morning and evening pre-service prayer teams meet an hour before service to pray over the entire service in Room 113. It's a great way to prepare your heart for worship and uplift the entire congregation.

Month-End Prayer Meetings
Last Sunday of each month, from noon to 1 p.m.
Month-end prayer meetings are dedicated to praying for a specific ministry or broader vision of our church.

Virtual Prayer
For those who love and feel called to prayer, we have a virtual prayer team that commits to praying five times a week for Redeemer and the peace and prosperity of the city. You will receive a weekly email of prayer requests.