Redeemer Presbyterian Church – East Side Update

Earlier in the year, I decided to take a week in February (the hardest month of the year in my book!) and use it as an intentional study leave—a week in the dead of winter to focus on concentrated prayer, study, and preparation. During that leave last week, I came across this stirring quote in a Jonathan Edwards sermon entitled “Heaven is a World of Love”:

“There in heaven [the Triune God himself,] this fountain of love, this eternal three in one, is set open without any obstacle to hinder access to it. There this glorious God is manifested and shines forth in full glory, in beams of love; there the fountain overflows in streams and rivers of love and delight, enough for all to drink at, and to swim in, yea so as to overflow the world as it were with a deluge of love.”

Sitting on a hard, wooden chair on that grey February morning, these words transported me to another world—one flooded with the warmth and brilliance of God’s unabated love. And it reminded me that how, in the coldest, darkest twilight of our sin, Jesus came to throw open the gates of this world of love, even at the cost of his life.

It is with the unbelievably good news of this world of love that Christians are sent into every one of their relationships. Who do you know that could use the offer of God’s love this week? Who in your life needs to hear that they are far more sinful than they know, yet far more loved in Christ than they could imagine? Remember, that person could be you—in fact it always includes you! So don’t forget to bask and drink and swim yourself in that world of God’s love and delight.


Rev. Abraham Cho
East Side Senior Pastor

Evelyn Ngeow, LCSW
Counselor at Redeemer Counseling Services

The hope is that they would know they are heard, seen, accepted, and valued not only in the counseling room, but always, by God.

As a counselor at Redeemer Counseling Services, I am privileged to be able to come alongside clients who are dealing with brokenness in all areas of life, whether it is in their relationships, professions, or faith, and to help point them to Christ on their path toward healing. In my work, I am humbled by their courage to share stories of deep pain and loss, and the trust they place in me as their counselor. More often than not, hearing their stories reminds me of things I have experienced in my own life.

As counselors, one of the most important things in our work is establishing a therapeutic relationship with our clients. The hope is that they would know they are heard, seen, accepted, and valued not only in the counseling room, but always, by God.

For me, some of the most exciting times happen when a client is able to make a breakthrough that connects with how they are seen through the light of the gospel. I find it tremendously encouraging to be reminded, in those moments, that just as for my clients, the gospel is the power for change in my own life: that I can be assured of God’s love not on the basis of my own performance, but of his work through Christ on my behalf.

It is an honor it is to be walking alongside my clients as we learn to turn from our own attempts to redeem ourselves, and to rely more deeply on Christ.

Find out more about Redeemer Counseling services here.

+ Join us for a very important Redeemer East Side Town Hall this Sunday, March 4 after both services.

+ Early registration is now open for the last Formation Conference on April 13-14

+ Join Team HFNY to run & fundraise for our neighbors in need in the Charity Run on March 17 and work together to raise $50,000 for the poor of our city!

+ Attend orientation to tutor Harlem youth with HFNY through StreetSquash

+ Sort & pack materials at World Vision with HFNY in the South Bronx

+ Older Wiser Loving Servants (OWLS), those aged 60+ gather to affirm, encourage, and pray for one another, as well as serve the needs of the community as they arise

+ Join the Center for Faith & Work for Soulful Finance with Brad Katsuyama, Co-Founder and CEO of IEX, on March 1.

+ Join a community group style discussion based cohort of Gospel in Life this spring.