Dating and Engaged Life Stage Resources

Our Redeemer Network offers several resources for those who are single, dating, contemplating marriage, and engaged.

“What marriage is for: It is a way for two spiritual friends to help each other on their journey to become the persons God designed them to be.”

Timothy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God

Love and Marriage Class

In this class we dive deeper into the topics of love and marriage and discover the implications of God's wisdom for these crucial areas of our lives. Couples interact with each other and singles interact in small groups. The class is taught by our pastoral team. Check our class offerings page for upcoming dates.

  1. To embrace God’s design for marriage
  2. To prioritize the effort to build oneness into our marriages
  3. To enter into authentic discussion and community


  • God’s Design for Oneness
  • Threats to Oneness
  • Communication
  • God’s Design for Sex
  • Conflict
  • Hope and Mission in Marriage

Premarital Seminar

The Premarital Seminar is a one-day, six-hour course. Topics include the meaning and purpose of marriage, the qualities of a healthy marriage, the true nature of love and how to express it, communication and conflict resolution, role relationships, and sexuality in marriage. Register for the next seminar.

Dating and Premarital Counseling

Redeemer Counseling Services offers dating and premarital counseling. Learn more on their website.