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Classes and Seminars

We live in a time of unprecedented access to books, online classes, and podcasts from experts and thought leaders on any topic. While this is exciting, we know we weren’t made to go it alone. We want to engage with others as we learn, especially when it comes to our faith.

At Redeemer East Side, we offer a range of classes designed to help you grow spiritually as you connect with others. These classes are taught by Redeemer pastors and staff who are passionate about equipping you to follow Christ’s call where you live, work, and love. We hope to see you in class soon!

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Intro to Spiritual Formation Sun, Aug 4
Intro to Redeemer East Side Sun, July 7
The After Party Biweekly Sun, Jun 16-Aug 25
Finding Identity: A Journey Through 1 John Biweekly Wed, Jun 26-Aug 21
Neighborhood Advocate Cohort Sept-Dec

Class Descriptions

Ongoing Classes

Intro to Spiritual Formation
| Select days: Aug 4 at Temple Israel, Room 405
At Redeemer East Side, we believe that the gospel makes its way deeper into our hearts and transforms our lives through the ordinary practices we engage in, the community we embrace, and by living out the callings God has given us. This core seminar will be offered periodically during the year to deepen your understanding of spiritual formation.

Intro to Redeemer East Side
| Select days: July 7 at Temple Israel, Room 405
Learn how you can get plugged into the Redeemer East Side community. In this seminar, learn about the mission and vision of Redeemer East Side, and how you, with your unique gifting and experience, can join in the vision of our church and the mission of God wherever you live, work and love. This core seminar will be offered periodically during the year.

2023-24 Classes

The After Party
| Biweekly Sundays, June 16-August 25 at Temple Israel, Room 405
The After Party
is a six-part video course designed to provide people of faith with an on-the-ground, biblically based approach to navigating today’s challenging political environment.

Through interactive videos that encourage participants to inventory their own political identities, consider the “how” vs. the “what” of politics, and explore what the Bible has to say about it all, you’ll be equipped to navigate these challenging topics in your own life and within the community you lead.

Finding Identity: A Journey Through 1 John
Register | Biweekly Wednesdays, June 26-August 21 at WeWork midtown
The issue of identity is central to human existence. How we view ourselves deeply influences the way we live in the world.

Many questions arise when the topics of identity and Christianity come together: Is identity given to us or is it something we discover or create for ourselves? The Christian message asserts that when we allow our identity to arise from how God views us and what God has done for us in Jesus, we are liberated to live as we were designed. In this five-week series based on the book of 1 John, we explore the identity that God offers to humanity through the gospel. We also unearth how the practices of Bible reading and prayer fuel the new identity of a Christian and reorient our lives in that light.

Neighborhood Advocate Cohort
| 12 weeks, September-December
Put what you know about loving your neighbor into action through this 12-week cohort that promotes change through worship, discussion and action. Participants will work together to build mutual relationships, serve justly, and bring the hope of Christ with neighbors nearby and in need. View tentative syllabus (dates are subject to change).

Redeemer Counseling Services Groups

Renewal Groups
Register | At Redeemer Counseling Services (RCS), Renewal Groups combine gospel-centered, biblical truth with some of the best tools from counseling psychology. Each Renewal Group is made up of six to eight people and a professional counselor focusing on a particular area of healing and growth. This spring, RCS offers:

The counselor guides the group through regular times of sharing, interaction, building new skills, and learning. If you are struggling financially to get counseling, please reach out to a deek.