Financial Generosity

We are grateful that you’ve found your way to this page. If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in learning more about giving to Redeemer East Side. There are many ways you can spend your time and money. It can be hard to know where your dollars will do the most good. You know you “should” give, but you want to make sure your giving makes a difference.

At Redeemer East Side, we believe that the gospel changes everything, including how we give. Through Christ, God has graciously given us everything. This liberates us to generously contribute to what God is doing where we live, work, and love. Your gift helps build a movement of everyday New Yorkers transformed by the gospel, rooted in cross-cultural community, and mobilized for Christ’s mission wherever they are.

Give Online

You can make a one-time gift or sign up for recurring giving. If you need help making a gift online, via check, stock, or donor-advised fund please contact Priscilla Dewing at: (917) 206-1427 or [email protected].



Update through May 26, 2023

Giving through May 26 was $920K which is $160K behind our year-to-date goal of $1.08M.

Holistic generosity

Generosity isn’t just about money. At Redeemer we want to model a community of Christians who live sacrificial lives of generosity across all fronts.

For many of us living and working in this busy city, giving our time to invest in relationships or serving regularly to pass the peace of Christ may be just as challenging as financial generosity. We invite you to consider a holistic approach that includes being generous through service to ministries, through relationships, through the privileges and power we hold, and lastly, through our wealth.

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