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Ways to Receive Care

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The best way to contact the pastoral staff or diaconate is to call the care line at 917-206-1451 or fill out the care form. If you have a general inquiry, check out the staff directory.

We all need help sometimes. Whether it's something urgent and short-lived or an ongoing challenge, suffering is an inevitable part of life. As a church family, we strive to be with and for one another in good times and hard times. It can be challenging to reach out or know where to turn when we’re feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. Redeemer East Side offers a number of resources to meet you where you are in your time of need.

Pastoral & Practical Care

The Diaconate is a team of congregant leaders who have been trained to assist those in need of help. If you find yourself in need of help, reaching out to our deacons and deaconesses is a great place to start. They offer:

  • Spiritual guidance
  • Prayer
  • Practical guidance and help
  • Financial assistance

Our staff pastoral care team, consisting of pastors and spiritual formation directors, is also available for spiritual guidance and prayer. To get in touch with the Diaconate or the staff pastoral care team, fill out a care form or call 917-206-1451. All information is kept confidential.


In case of emergency, please call 911, your local emergency room, or 1-888-NYC WELL (888-692-9355).

Receive Prayer

Weekly on Sundays
Members of the diaconate are available to pray with you after every Sunday service. Once the service concludes, head to the front of the worship service and look for the people with red and white name tags.

Monthly on Communion Sundays
In addition to the weekly prayer offered by members of the diaconate, elders offer healing prayer on a monthly basis. You’ll find them at the front of the sanctuary on Communion Sundays, which is generally the first Sunday of the month.

Online Prayer Request
We also have a prayer team that gathers monthly to pray for the church and the needs of the congregation. Requests are confidential and may be submitted through the care form.

For Cancer Patients
If you are undergoing cancer treatment, we offer individual and private prayer through our Prayer Ministry for Cancer Patients. If you are interested, email [email protected].

Meals Ministry

The Meals Ministry serves Redeemer East Side congregants who are recovering from illness, injury, or surgery; acclimating to life with a newborn baby; or going through another life-altering event.


We need volunteers! Learn more or sign up to cook/purchase meals. You’ll be sharing Christ’s love in a practical way and building up our church community.



Redeemer Counseling Services (RCS) seeks to transform people from all walks of life through professional, biblically-based counseling, and to equip others to counsel through the redemptive power of the gospel. They offer a wide variety of services including individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, group counseling, career direction services, and workshops.


RCS updates openings every Friday. Use the link above or call RCS at 212-370-0475, ext. 0 to get started. Counseling fees are handled on a sliding scale basis. If additional financial assistance is needed, we welcome Redeemer congregants to request help from our mercy fund through the care form.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a powerful counseling approach that can be a vital complement to individual counseling and other resources for care.At Redeemer Counseling Services (RCS), Renewal Groups combine gospel-centered, biblical truth with some of the best tools from counseling psychology. Each Renewal Group is made up of six to eight people and a professional counselor focusing on a particular area of healing and growth. The counselor guides the group through regular times of sharing, interaction and learning.


End of Life

We seek to help those who are grieving as they remember and celebrate the life of the departed. Request assistance for planning a service to honor a deceased loved one.