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Skeptics Welcome

Questioning Christianity

We all have questions about why the world is the way that it is. We might be overwhelmed with big questions about suffering. Or perhaps we’re simply curious if the Christian faith can add anything meaningful to our lives.

At Redeemer East Side, we love welcoming those curious and skeptical about the Christian faith. Asking big questions about life and reexamining your worldview can be scary. We are grateful you’ve chosen to do so with us.

What do you believe?

Our beliefs shape how we view ourselves and interact and the world around us. These beliefs range from the cosmic to the personal and they come from a variety of sources. It’s important for all of us to examine our beliefs as well as where those beliefs come from.

We believe Christianity offers a compelling lens through which to view life’s questions, and we believe that Jesus welcomes our questions and doubts.

Perhaps you have questions about morality. Are there moral absolutes, like that all humans are worthy of dignity and respect, or is morality a construct? What about when morals are used to control and oppress us? The Christian faith suggests that, instead of giving us a list of rules to earn his love, God already loves us more than we can imagine. When we accept that love through faith in God’s Son, Jesus, we are freed to express that love by living the way that God created us to live.

Or perhaps you’re wondering how you can become truly happy. Christianity posits that we were created with desire. However, nothing on earth can truly satisfy our desires. We believe that is because we were created to love God, and loving God helps us enjoy earthly pleasures without expecting them to satisfy us in a way they were never intended to.

Whatever questions you have, we’d love to talk with you about them.


    "When we started looking for a church we could attend together she mentioned Redeemer, a church started by Tim Keller. We decided to check it out. The overflowing of love that Redeemer showed was so great. It made me less scared. I was scared because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I be allowed to go even though I’m filled with tattoos? Wasn’t baptized? That I’m a sinner? Would I be accepted? Or could I even join a Community Group? That left my mind when we started attending." — CZ

    "I grew up in a Christian family. However there were not many opportunities for me to learn God’s words and deepening my faith in him. Redeemer has been instrumental in helping me to learn more about the Christian way of life. ... The pre-marital workshop helped us understand our priorities and aligned our interests As a result, it created a clear path for us towards marriage. The post marriage workshop helped us to understand God further through service to each other and at the same time built a foundation for our marriage." — CC

    Interested in digging deeper?

    We look forward to getting to know you as you engage with Jesus. You can start the conversation by emailing Assistant Pastor Rich McCaskill at [email protected], or joining us on Sunday for our worship service.